Thread correction and volume build-up through thread lifting.

The advantages of PERFECTSTYLE at a glance: very good tolerance, 100% degradable, visible rejuvenation effect without scars, stimulation of the body’s own collagen production, long-lasting effect, natural lifting preserving the own facial expression

Results that are impressive.

Below you can see before / after pictures of our patients.

Perfectstyle - Double impact for an effective result

Perfectstyle uses 100% absorbable threads made of polydi- oxanone (PDO) which has already been in use in surgery for decades. The threads are differently structured – smooth, spiral, or with microscopically small hooks.

These special dissolving threads are applied to the hypoder- mic fat tissue. Thus the skin is tightened and the tissue is lifted to its original position.

The treatment with biodegradable polydioxanone threads combines two effects: the immediately visible tightening of the treatment area is followed by a reactivation – so-called bio-stimulation – of the connective tissue so that the skin wins additional firmness. Systematic wrinkle treatment with Perfectstyle can thus lead to an immediate, naturally appearing and long-lasting skin lifting.


Dual Lift | Double Value

Lifting Thread for Effective Facial Remodeling

Perfectstyle DUAL-LIFT is an innovative thread lift procedure for facial remodeling that is based on a unique combination of elements: the specially designed threads feature blunt needles at both ends and bidirectional barbs. This intelligent design enables immediate, strong lifting and promotes symmetrical results.

  • Long-lasting lift achieved through effective tissue repositioning and secure fixation
  • Blunt needles at both thread ends and bidirectional barbs for strong and symmetrical traction
  • Strengthening of ligaments to prevent gravitational ptosis
  • Biodegradation within 6 months, substituted by connective tissue fibers for prolonged lifting.
  • Stimulation of collagen production, augmenting skin rejuvenation.
  • Indicated for face and neck

Elasty Meshfill

Elasty Meshfill | Two in One​

Two in One: The world‘s first 16 lines of ELASTY MESHFILL  can have a lifting effect, as well as a volumizing  and rejuvenating effect, by simultaneously using  the filler.
Crow`s Feet, Nasolabial Folds, Glabellar Lines, Forehead Wrinkles, Lip Contour, Chin folds.
  • The World’s First 16 lines Mesh Thread (Netz)
  • Softer and higher elasticity than existing mesh thread
  • Strong tensile strength
  • Strong knot, stable during procedure

Elasty Meshfill

Mono Grip

Smoothing of small wrinkles, enhancement of skin volume, skin tightening


Single Screw / Double Screw

Single Screw

Smoothing of medium-sized wrinkles, stronger enhancement of skin volume and skin tightening compared to Mono Grip threads.

Double Screw

Smoothing of distinct, deep wrinkles; strongest enhancement of skin volume and most intense skin tightening compared to Mono Grip and Single Screw.


Multi Line is a powerful collagen-stimulating product that bundles 14 strands in one cannula. 

14 threads reach multiple areas into subcutaneous, so it strongly boosts more collagen than a normal single thread. Those threads can be used on wide and flat areas, such as the forehead, cheeks, under-eye wrinkles, neck wrinkles, double chin, etc.



Cavern Screw

Cavern Screw is a powerful thread that stimulates collagen growth and creates a hole surrounded by a polydioxanone thread. 

It also maximizes the contact area between subcutaneous tissue and the thread, making it very effective in shaping the contour of the face. Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, under eye scars, Jawlines could be a good area to apply and as well as every face wrinkle over any facial area.

Visu III

This product is designed to help tighten skin and remove wrinkles around the eyes. 

The most safe and effective treatment for the eyes. The blunt R cannula minimizes the risks of bruising, bleeding, and swelling. area.


COG Pro1 / COG Pro2 / COG Pro3​

Cog Pro series is made of polydioxanone thread which has conventional cutting
barbs on the surface.

The design of these 3D 360° helical barbs helps the cogs fix and support skin tissue in various directions, resulting in a longer-lasting effect than simple collagen-stimulating treatments. Cog Pro helps to hold and lift skin perfect and tight with a simple procedure.

Needle Round-edged sharpness minimizes the damage of blood
vessels. 45°C degree for easier insertion.

(Needle Cannula R type. The blunt needle is ideal to prevent the damage of inner skin tissues and blood vessels) that leads to bruise and to swell with its sharpness
(Needle Cannula L type. Advantage of blunt needle + smooth separation of suture from the cannula)


Collagen synthesis and immediately visible lifting effect. Suitable for all skin types.

COG Master Gear​

Collagen synthesis and immediately visible lifting effect.

Cog Master Premium P(LA/CL)

The PLLA Cog Master Premium is specially designed to provide powerful lifting capability beyond your expectations.

The stronger and wider molding bar provides
a much superior effect than scratch cogs due to the best anchoring and tensile
This device has a blunt cannula, which causes less visible tissue trauma. The
thread will completely dissolve within 12 to 18 months and is reabsorbed by the
body. Suitable for indications like eyebrow lifting, cheekbone area, chin and jaw
area, lower face area/neck, double chin, arms, abdomen, thighs and the area
above the knees.


Cog Pro III Premium

PLACL Poly (L-Lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) Cog Master Premium (blunt cannula):

Cog Pro III Premium allows for a strong pull that provides an immediately visible lifting effect without invasive surgery or anaesthesia. This biocompatible product is completely broken down by the body and is therefore considered safe. Thanks to the unique helical arrangement of the barbs and a high traction force, the Perfectstyle COG Pro III threads achieve an exceptional hold in the skin tissue.

  • Multidirectional 360° threads made of PLACL in 3-D design.
  • Strong traction for a powerful lifting effect
  • Long-lasting tightening and lifting effect of approx. 18 months
  • Visible rejuvenation effect through continuous neocollagenesis
  • The pronounced elasticity promotes rapid recovery
  • Can be used on the face, neck and body

Eyebrow lift, cheekbone area, chin/jaw line, lower face, double chin, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs and the area above the knees.


FAQ-Thread Lifting

Thread lifting with Perfectstyle® is a minimally invasive method of skin tightening in which special absorbable threads are inserted into the skin. The resorption of the thread material Polydioxanone stimulates the skin‘s natural collagen production and fibroblast activity. PDO absorbable threads may be combined and compliment many existing modalities such as Dermal Fillers, Mesotherapy, Botulinum Toxin. The PDO sutures are available in various designs and lengths: Single threads, spiral threads, double spiral threads and threads with barbs.
Basically, anyone who is bothered by sagging skin as a result of the aging process can be considered for a thread lift. Especially patients who want to choose a painless and uncomplicated way of wrinkle treatment make the right decision with this method.
A thread lift is suitable for the treatment of a wide variety of body areas. Probably the most frequently used are the face (frown lines, eye wrinkles, lips, nasolabial folds, etc.) and the décolleté. The method can also be used effectively on the arms, stomach, ribs, legs, buttocks and to reduce cellulite.
Under local anesthesia, the special sutures are placed under the skin tissue with the help of a microcannula. The cannula is then removed while the sutures remain in the tissue. Depending on the initial situation and the area to be treated, different sutures are used to achieve an optimal result. The affected areas are then gently massaged and cooled. The entire procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.
The treatment takes about thirty to sixty minutes. The duration depends mainly on the extent of the region to be treated. Individual pain management by your treating therapist ensures that you feel comfortable and have a pain-free experience.
The PDO sutures are usually very well tolerated. Very rarely, injection-related skin reactions such as slight pain, a feeling of tension and pressure, stinging, itching, hematoma or isolated slight swelling occur after the treatment. However, these reactions subside completely after a short time.
After the thread lift, there are a few things to be considered in order not to negatively affect the success of the treatment. You shouldn’t use make-up during the first two days and avoid sports, alcohol and nicotine for a week. Intensive facial treatments or massages should be avoided for up to four weeks after the lift. This also applies to visits to the solarium or sauna.


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